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That’s It! I’m making a shooter!

About this time last year I met up with an old friend of mine and told him I needed a collaborator. We started on coding a top down shoot-em up style arcade game, but a few weeks later, all that had happened was that I’d set up a shell ready for development and shared it with my friend. We had SDL initialising, a couple of (ugly) placeholder bitmaps, and not much to show for it. Soon after we lost interest.

About a week and a half ago I’ve picked up the shell of the game and started refactoring the code so it looks a little tidier, I needed an IOC container, so I wrote the code from my last post, and started working on it again. This weekend I’ve made some progress, and wanted to share some bits with you.

Firstly SDL, (A C library) is really simple to get up and running – there’s heaps of tutorials out there on the web.

Secondly use SDL_Image and SDL_ttf, they are also crazily easy to get set up and work mint. I used SDL_Image to load my transparent PNGs and it worked first time.

Lastly – don’t wait for your collaborator to collaborate with you – depending on the person, you might be waiting a while. This person in particular has another time consuming hobby project, and I now foresee his input being as a sounding board. I think that will be ok.

Probably I’ll get bored of this again soon too, but maybe not.

Thanks for reading

P.S: Here’s a screenshot

Killing some baddies

Killing some baddies


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