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Single life, again

So, I’ve been single for about 4 months now. My marriage is over and I’m facing being a bachelor again. This I’ve been thinking is quite fun, and have had some moderate and interesting success, but success in your single life only comes after considerable volumes of rejection.

What’s bothering me today is being in limbo with a lady that I really like. It’s inevitable it seems that, I will meet someone, really like them, and get on we’ll, and then they will not respond to a text message and suddenly I’m feeling vulnerable and exposed. Gah! I hate feeling this way, and there’s nothing I can do. Is it rejection? Too early to tell, that’s the hard part, I hate waiting and not knowing.

I wish I wasn’t affected so, and I know it’s not fair to put pressure on someone I’ve just met.

What do I do with this?


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