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Coffee and Kids

Today since I was flying solo with the kids, two toddlers I decided to take the both of them to the cafe with me to have a coffee. My kids quite often do come out with one or other parent for a coffee date so they are well trained in coffee etiquette, in particular talking loudly, spilling drinks, breaking crockery, and interrupting conversations that are none of one’s business. Today went well however with only one mishap; my daughter, the oldest of the two children wanted to go to the W.C, but didn’t want to leave her fluffy kids hot chocolate at the table. After explaining to her that it was indeed very poor etiquette to take your cup to the toilet we settled finally on her drinking her fluffy in it’s entirety before leaving the venue, much to my relief.

A parent has many opportunities to instill in his children the importance of their culture and how things are done. Some choose religion, music, an ethnic community, a sport, or somesuch other arbitrary rubbish. I’ve chosen cafe culture to teach my children, where they can learn table manners, conversation skills, and wit over a coffee. I believe that a chat and a coffee is a ritual which will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives.


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